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Tomas, NW7US (radio propagation columnist in CQ, The Spectrum Monitor, and RadioUserUK), editorializes on the positive attributes of the amateur radio community and history, in commentary about how many amateur radio operators are disappointed in how badly the NCIS TV series episode, "Trapped," 'fell down' as the plot unfolds. NW7US discusses the differences between the Citizen's Band radio service in the United States of America, and the amateur radio service.

Many know already about how many amateur radio operators are pointing out how badly the scriptwriters of the hit TV show, NCIS, portrayed the amateur radio community in the "Trapped" episode -- information: http://ncis.wikia.com/wiki/Trapped_(episode) -- Trapped is the 6th episode of NCIS Season 15 and also the 336th episode of the entire NCIS series. The synopsis starts out, "After a petty officer is found murdered on a golf course, McGee spends hours on the victim's ham radio trying to locate a key witness..."

A variety of resulting blog and vlog responses are geared to the amateur radio community. For example, a recent episode from Ham Radio Now, about the NCIS episode in question, is listed at the end of this news article. The general consensus is that this particular portrayal may do more damage than one might first realize, because, in part, the episode will be rerun perhaps many times in the future, continuing to portray an inaccurate perspective on the amateur radio community.

Amateur radio vlogger, Tomas - NW7US, weighs in but mostly highlights some of the positive attributes of the amateur radio service and history. In a conversational style, NW7US expresses a non-judgmental observation that a non-ham hobbyist could appreciate. NW7US does not malign the CB radio service but highlights the difference in a positive way. NW7US reports that there are hams that feel that the writers of the episode of NCIS sorely misunderstand the current and historic nature of amateur radio. The writers get ham radio mixed in with CB, but they do not even get CB correct!

Some hams criticize NW7US by concluding that he is making a big deal about nothing. They state the obvious: "All TV shows are inaccurate in most everything." NW7US responds that "it is relevant that we use these opportunities to promote a positive view of our service and hobby. This video isn't primarily aimed at those of us in the know. There are many who are not knowledgeable about the modernity and service of amateur radio, let alone anything specific. Hopefully, this vlog entry encourages some interested soul in looking further into the hobby... Perhaps, too, some ham, here, will find the video useful in sharing with a non-ham community. Who can know?"

The start of discussion regarding the difference between CB and ham radio is at 1m33s on the timeline (1:33). You might want to skip the initial chatter about the headset mic and other comments not specific to the NCIS topic.

Comments that extend the positive aspects of the amateur radio hobby--comments made by those who take the time to watch and listen to the entire video vlog--are appreciated.

Ham Radio Now "Trapped" Episode:


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This is a link to my YouTube channel - NW7US