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The NW7US JT65A Weak-Signal Digital Mode for HF Page

Some videos on my YouTube channel. Enjoy. Feedback is welcome - comment on the video page.


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Here is my current antenna situation, at my QTH in Hamilton, Montana:

NW7US balcony antenna - Hustler mobile - view 1NW7US balcony antenna - Hustler mobile - view 2

Here's a quick tour of my station:

This is a link to my YouTube channel - NW7US

Below: Enjoy my slide show.

This slide show includes various collectons of the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, my home and my hobby, friends, and more...

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A short look at the Bitterroot Mountains near my QTH

(This is my son, KF7IBY, Robert)

This is a link to my YouTube channel - NW7US